Ang kabataan ang pag asa ng bayan…

High School Lecture

Objectives: to promote leadership qualities and eventually help them find their special role in life

  • Help them realize and look for the best in them
  • Be a goal oriented person
  • Motivate them to be the best in everything they do
  • Learn how to prioritize things
  • Be well versed with everything
  • Make them think, how inventors do; be the provider not the user
  • Make them realize that the biggest room in this world is the room for improvement
  • Help students reach their own potential
  • Make them realize their strength and weaknesses
  • The danger of falling in love
  • The importance of family background
  • Our individual differences
  • The importance of education
  • The irrelevancy of finances to achieving goals
  • Your friends are your own choice
  • Relevancy of your likes and your work
  • Choosing a job
  • Sex and marriage
  • A leader’s vision
  • Learn through life
  • You can find knowledge in the most strangest places
  • Necessity of keeping a diary
  • First lesson: knowing yourself,  then others
  • Biographies are written not for the biographer only
  • Be involve in what you do
  • Be present where you are
  • Break this quotation down to them “We became a nation who worship our work, work in our play and play in our worship-“  Charles Swindoll
  • Choose quotes that will act as pillars of your own character
  • Everybody has their won specialties; queries about subject matter should be addressed to those with experience
  • Break this down,  “ Education is often times expensive”
  • Learn from someone else’s life but do not be someone else’s shadow
  • Look for the best in every people
  • Sports teaches more than the manner it is played
  • Expression is everything but the value of someone’s expression is another

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